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Do not be Careless

But still, Live your life to the fullest

手塚 国光 | Tezuka Kunimitsu
7 October
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Name: Tezuka Kunimitsu
Personality field: Tezuka hasn't changed much since middle school, but then again, he was always older than his age to begin with. He has lived in Germany for two years, apart from his family and friends, and has therefore become even more independent than he was before. He takes joy in the quiet things in life; reading, drinking tea, long strolls through the nature... And of course, tennis. He had to take a one year break because he was in rehabilitation after both his game against Sanada and the challenge at the U-17 camp, but since then he has continued to evolve.

One of Tezuka's quirkier hobbies that he picked up in Germany is the joy of making sausages from scratch. Yes, even Tezuka can be weird at times. He's also a big fan of TATU.

Somewhere down the line he found that he was starting to miss Japan, and his old friends, and he decided to move back. Well back in Tokyo he heard about this boarding school that almost everyone seemed to attend. He was done with his High School studies, and decided to apply for the University at the school. And, he wasn't too surprised when he found out that he had been accepted. He decided to move into the dorm a bit early, to get a feel of the town and his new home, so he will be arriving shortly after Christmas.