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# 045

I'm sorry for my long absence, both online and in school.

I'm sorry to say that my grandfather passed away. Peacefully, in his sleep, but still. It's been a tiring month. We were very close, as far as grandfather-grandson goes.

However, he strongly believed that there's a time for everything. Grieving, studying, celebrating... You name it. And he always said that winter's a heavy season, when the nature is awaiting its rebirth. You need to help it along and be as strong as you possibly can. Grief isn't a switch I can turn on and off, but I can move forward, and by doing that, honor his memory.

So that's what I'm trying to do.

# 044

I suppose it's time to change to snow tires soon... I almost slid off the road yesterday. The car radio started to act up, so I might have lost my focus for a second or two, and the car started sliding.

Ah. Both me and the car are alright.


# 043

Already that many entries, hm?

I know it's not many if you compare with some people, but for someone like me who's rarely online at all, I do feel it's quite the feat. Now let's see if I'll reach 50 entries before next year...

Atobe and Oshitari. This is inexcusably late, I am aware, but would you like something special on your special days? I'm not one to celebrate a lot myself, but...

Ohtori, would you happen to be free Sunday night?

# 042

On shoulder pains.

I think I really am considering going back to the tennis circuit. I've been finding myself making phonecalls, or visiting homepages such as this one. I... I shall not be careless. I realize it's been quite some time since I've been an active player. I also realize that I'm going to need some way to finance this.


# 041

Inui. I believe we need to talk.

[ooc: She doesn't know if Inui's responsible for this or not... But she suspects it. >_>]


# 040


People are thinking about tennis? This is very interesting. I've been missing the thrill of competing myself, lately.


# 039

Today is a good day for fishing.

Sanada, would you like to come along?


# 038

The Wimbledon weather still leaves a lot to be desired, sadly. It's been interesting to follow the games so far, and there has been a few surprises along the way. I'd say Germany's Sabine Lisicki has done a good job so far. I'm cheering her on.

# 037

I HATE the cold unfriendly moon,
That shines at early morn;
And nothing seems so sad and grey,
When I am left forlorn,
As day's returning dawn.

A poem from 10th century Japan. Still valid today. That's something to think about, isn't it?

# 036

I know reading about other people's dreams is hardly exciting, but...

This was quite eerie. I was back at Seigaku and the team - from my final year in Junior High - was training as usual. Nothing out of the ordinary, but I still felt... Uncomfortable. Like something wasn't the way it was supposed to be. The training continued, and so did the feeling that something was completely off.

I was playing against... Oishi, I think. And suddenly I just knew what was wrong.

That was when I woke up. And I can't for the life of me remember just what it was that was off.

Highly frustrating, and honestly, a bit alarming.

Still. Just a dream.


# 035

I think I might have gone overboard with the sausages.
So, I guess I'll be giving some away, if anyone's interested. They're quite good.

# 034

I received a delivery of sausages today.
And a toolkit for making my own.

You're free to input your sausage fest joke of choice here.

But would anyone like to taste?

# 033

Life has been... Somewhat intense lately. Not that this is bad. Absolutely not.

This orange juice is surprisingly good. Not sour in the least.

# 032

A trip to the mountains that didn't involve a wild bear. That was quite nice for a change. :) Thank you for your company, Shiraishi-kun, I had quite the good time.

I've talked a lot with Derick lately. (He's a friend from Germany.) Makes me feel nostalgic. I haven't decided where I want to live once I graduate, I really haven't. If I move permanently to Germany... Tempting as it is, it is still halfway around the globe.


Inui, I hope for a fast recovery.


Happy Birthday.



I know he see eye to eye half of the time, and half of the time don't... But this is a very special day, and I wish you all the best. Congratulations.


# 029

I'm planning on going back to Germany over the summer. Already started to save up money. We'll see how it goes.

We had a rather interesting woman who lectured our class today. An American woman teaching English in Japan. From what I understand, there are quite a few American people who come to Japan to do just that; teach. It must be quite an adventure, I'm sure...


# 028

I'm not entirely sure what happened, but... Congratulations, Inui. ... I hope that's the appropriate word right now. Hn.


# 027

Happy New Year, everyone.
I'm pleased to see that the influx to Hokkaido still haven't stopped. Welcome, Momoshiro.

# 026


If you're having problems. Come and talk to me. Please.

Before things get out of hand.

# 025

I... Doubt things will be dull around here.

Here's to hoping this is a good thing.


# 024

It's dawned on me that I need a part-time job.

Owning a car provides with lots of unexpected expenses, and I'm not just talking about gas.

I need to find something that will both fit into my schedule and please me. I refuse to work with something that won't prove valuable to me in the long run.

Any suggestions?


# 023

Well. This is nice.

I own a car. This car.

A gift from grandfather.

Also. Welcome to the online world, Inui. (All though I would think you are quite familiar with it already.)


# 022

And now October's here.
I found this lovely, deep red maple leaf when I was up in the mountains with Osakada-kun.
Fall can be a truly beautiful season.

# 021

And October draws nearer.

I'd very much feel like another trip to the wilds. At least over a day. The weather's lovely.

I spend far too much time at the onsen, I think. But it's just something so comforting about being there while the leaves slowly change colors around you.

# 020

Summer has indeed been good. I'm well rested and feel quite refreshed.

Come this winter, I'm going on a trip to China. My grandfather told me the other day. I will probably be abroad during Christmas and New Year's. Just putting this up here now, so that people won't be too surprised when I send them postcards. :)

I am looking forward to learning more about the Chinese culture and cuisine.

But for now, I will focus on my school work. Quite a lot seem to have piled up over the summer...

# 019

I'm sorry if I have been quiet, but as some of you probably know, I've been hospitalized. I'm better now, and I'm actually planning on staying here during summer. Simply to rest up and catch up on lost time.

Miyuki, I believe I owe you quite a lot of that, hm?

# 018

I don't feel so good.

I think I'll go to bed early today.

# 017

I'm back.

If anyone needs me, I'll be with Sherard.

# 016

I guess I should tell people.

I've moved back to Tokyo. This is only temporarily, and until I find a way to fix with some proper living arrangements. I already have a place I'm looking at.

Most of the pneumonia is gone, but I'm still stuck with this wretched cough.

# 015

I have pneumonia.

That's all.


# 014

I have my own place. And am settled quite nicely.

PRIVATECollapse )

# 013

Happy Birthday, Shiraishi.


# 012

And apparently my journal name applies again. I'm feeling much better.

Now my main concern is what to give Shiraishi for his birthday.

Also... Echizen. I would like a word with you. Tell me when it's a good time for you, and I'll come over to the High School dorms.

# 011

I've tried to make a point of never updating when I'm under influence. I don't know if it counts if it's painkillers? Ah, anyway.

Yesterday me and Miyuki went into the mountains. Fishing. I guess you can say that we were interrupted, but somehow I still had an unforgettable time. It was rewarding, in the sense that I feel that I am truly grateful to be alive, to be back in Japan among friends, in the environment that I love and to be able to share these experiences with the wonderful friends that I have.

So I guess what I'm trying to say is... Thank you, all my friends. And... Yukimura. Kikumaru. Echizen. Fuji. If I've ever done anything to make you feel bad, then I'm sorry.

I think I need to go lay down again now.

... I really ought to rename my journal...

# 010

So. A new chapter has begun.

# 009

With things calming down a little...

Sanada, thank you for the other day.

Yukimura, I'd love to spend more time with you at some point, if you aren't too busy.

Miyuki-chan. Feel free to come talk with me whenever. And this goes for when I move to the University section as well, of course.


I am unharmed.

Fuji, Oishi, Kikumaru, Kawamura, Echizen...

Please let me know if you are all right.

[Screened to Eiji]

Things have been taken care of, for now.

If he gives you any trouble, any at all, you come to me immediately.

And before you ask... Yes, I am unharmed.


# 006

I wonder if something's up with Miyuki? She's acting... A bit off. I hope it's nothing I've done that caused this, that would be quite unsettling.

Surprisingly enough Valentine's Day was enjoyable. Maybe because I spent it with friends instead of having a one-on-one date with my schoolbooks as I had planned.

I've spent most of the day writing letters to my friends in Germany. I'm going to mail them tomorrow. I have to go downtown anyway; need to get a new pair of shoes.

# 005

First of all I'd like to wish everyone a Happy Holiday.

Second, I'd like to welcome Echizen-sensei to camp. I hope to learn from you.

I never quite understood the appeal of pets. Maybe I'm odd, but life is quite unpredictable, and having someone who's utterly and completely dependent on you seems like a good way of tying yourself up. And should something happen to you, it's the pets that suffer.

I... guess I'm thinking about that since there are some people in camp who has brought their pets with them. I met this very cute dog the other day. I believe he belongs to Dan-kun. He seemed to be a bit afraid of me, sadly enough.


# 005

I hope I managed to be of some help for Kite. I can't imagine how it must feel for him, but I hope I've been able to do at least something for him. That's all I can do.

I think things are looking up between me and Fuji. That is good. I still wish I knew how to be a better support for him... Pillar, if you want. Oh well.

Kuki is here. That was something I never would have expected. Well, welcome to camp, and I hope you'll enjoy your stay.

That said... Thank you for your company, Miyuki-chan.

PrivateCollapse )

# 004

My mother sent me a belated Christmas gift. That was very sweet of her.

It's a mixture of cheese and some lovely marmalades, that I think I will quite enjoy.

I am currently making sausages myself. (I do believe I have too much free time on my hands.)

Would anyone care for some homemade German sausages? :)

# 003

How do one measure friendship? Is it when you smile and nod and try your best to agree with the other person no matter what? Or is it when you put your foot down when needed and tell them the facts straight up as you see them, and then risk getting chewed out because of it? I'd like to think that it's the latter. Because then you show that you really care. But, if you end up losing a friend because of it... Is it worth it?


[AU] #001

I've arrived.

Miyuki, where did I put my lavender shirt? I can't seem to locate it.

Everyone. I hope you've been well.


# 002

Can't seem to be getting used to write my thoughts down like this.

Anyway. I am still trying to make the best out of all the thoughts that are tumbling about, especially where Fuji and Echizen are concerned. I need to check up on the rest of my old teammates as well.

Ah, what else to write? Who's up for some tennis? I am itching to play, and there are still a shortage of people at camp.

# 001

I have arrived.

Which I guess is better late than never.

It's good to be back in Japan.